Andrew Lakmal Siyabalawatte

Lead Osteopath | Director at Back To Health Wellness M.Ost D.O ND GOsC – 7775

Andrew Lakmal graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) in 2011, his experience as a registered Osteopath ranges from treating individuals with disabling conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease to chronic pain management, advising and treating patients at Finchley road and Soho, Leicester Square.

He has treated Actors and sports people alike. His treatment demeanour is very holistic; with particular interest towards the management and mechanical and neurological implications in sporting injury. The interest in sporting pathology spans from a wealth of sporting experience having played football for various professional football clubs as an adolescent. His education and sporting experiences have allowed him to truly understand mechanisms of injury, treatment protocols and comprehensive rehabilitation regimes. Since he obtained his Masters in Osteopathy, he has continuously updated his knowledge and understanding of the biomechanics of the body and its capacity to heal itself following injury/sporting injury after treatment. This focus continually motivates him to develop his skills and knowledge for the benefit of his current and future patients. Since 2013, Andrew has used his clinical skills and knowledge in spinal mechanics to help hundreds of clients improve and maintain good posture and muscle function, through a structured, research based spinal rehabilitation technique.

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Dr Matthew Flanagan

Chiropractor | Director at Back To Health Chiropractic Clinics Ltd

GCC number 00358

Dr Matthew Flanagan foundered Back To Health Chiropractic Ltd in 1998, over the years making the company one of forerunners of spinal corrective care in Europe and one of the largest providers of chiropractic care in the UK, with clinics and affiliates in Croydon, Ealing, Finchley, Hampton, Hounslow, Kingston, Richmond, Sutton and Windsor. In Ireland, he established clinics in Belfast and Dublin.

Dr Flanagan is available at Back To Health in Richmond.

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Emma MacDonald

ITEC Level 4 Sports Massage & Manual Therapist

Emma has always had a keen interest in the human body and in particular, the musculo-skeletal system, and its role in our everyday movement. This lead her to wanting to learn more about how, not just sports, but everyday activities can take their toll on the body and eventually cause dysfunction and pain. Emma’s main goal since becoming a Sports Massage Therapist is to help others suffering with pain and mobility limitations. She use a range of techniques including Soft Tissue Release (STR) and Muscle Energy Technique (MET), which are both extremely effective in helping restore normality to tight and restricted muscle tissue following sporting activity. These techniques are proven to increase joint and muscle range of motion, resulting in a reduction in pain. Emma is well versed in spinal manipulation, having achieved full certification from the internationally recognised OMT.

Emma is also an Equine Sports Massage therapist. When she is not treating clients, Emma spends a lot of her time training and competing her horse, Archie. They have previously represented their riding club at the much acclaimed Dressage National Championships. Emma also enjoy taking her dogs out walking over the beautiful Surrey Hills.

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Emily Green

Sports Massage Therapist 

Emily specialises in deep tissue massage for chronic muscle tension and stress reduction. This focus continues through to her delivery in sports massage, where Emily uses specific techniques, particularly trigger point work (TPT) to good effect in order to increase blood flow and where appropriate, speed up recovery. 

Emily is also a training Osteopath, currently honing her skills at the well renowned UCO (University College Osteopathy). This specialist training compliments her holistic approach and skill set which also includes Sports Taping, an effective tool in assisting blood flow, drainage and a reduction of bruising from sporting activity. 

In her spare time, Emily enjoys keeping fit through mountain biking, hiking and walking. Emily is a kind and caring practitioner whos main focus is to have an positive impact on people’s lives. 

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