Back Pain and Posture Specialists

Do you have a pain or a discomfort that has lingered for months or even years, but you are not sure why? Is your posture bad? Do you feel it needs improving but you are not sure how to?

We help you by taking away the guess work, because if you can see it, then you can fix it.

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Improving Posture Is Not An Exercise, It Is A Way Of Life

Established in 1998, Back to Health Wellness, is one of the first Back Pain and Posture Specialists in Surrey to help eliminate back pain and promote optimum spinal health through posture awareness. Our treatments are suitable for adults, children and families.

We use the latest technology including digital X-ray, sEMG muscle scanning, MSK ultrasound, laser therapy and shockwave therapy to help diagnose and relieve pain. We also offer Pilates to help improve general strength and body conditioning.

We Assess, We Analyse, We Measure, You Action

At Back To Health Wellness, we first identify your needs, and if we can assist you, we will prepare a tailored plan of action for you to execute. We will simply guide you along the way to reaching your goals as quickly and as effectively as possible. Then, we help you maintain them for good.

We offer same day appointments for you and your family.

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Well Established

We have treated and helped over 100,000 clients relieve back pain since 2012.

Fully Registered and Recognised within the NHS

We are a registered Osteopath, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and Massage practice in Surrey. Our services are promoted by Royal Surrey County, Frimley Park and BMI Mount Alvenia Hospitals.

Latest Technology

 We use the latest Diagnostic Technology and treatments including digital X-ray, muscle sEMG, shockwave and laser therapy.

Back Pain and Posture Specialists

We are renowned back pain relief specialists, and experts of an evidence based postural correction.

What Our Clients Say

Based on 124 reviews
Katy Adams
Katy Adams
24. September, 2022.
Had my first session today and WOW I feel great now! Andrew was absolutely fantastic, really friendly and professional, and the session itself was very in depth. I've learned a lot about my body today!
Eleanor Carr
Eleanor Carr
24. July, 2022.
Would (and have) recommend back to health wellness. Treatment and care based on science and fully listening to the needs of the patient. Andrew has made a big difference to my back pain and migraines already, and is very knowledgeable with what he does.
Santiago Roldan
Santiago Roldan
18. June, 2022.
Andrew's passion for his work is obvious from the first visit, his enthusiasm and clear explanations of the root cause of an injury really help you understand an injury and set you on the right track towards recovery. While I was not able to complete the full plan of sessions for my rehabilitation due to time constraints, his explanations and exercise plans have helped me continue making progress after our sessions had ended.
Colin Kiely
Colin Kiely
4. March, 2022.
Andrew is very knowledgeable and his care and attention to my treatment has been first class.
Jo Jones
Jo Jones
24. January, 2022.
From my first visit in Aug 2020, when I was in constant low level pain with numb feet following spinal surgery 3 years previously and 6 months of working from home at a screen, Andrew has been remarkable. He put me at ease instantly, and his level of knowledge and expertise meant I had no reservation about signing up to the adjustment/correction package. He has been fully invested in my treatment, ensuring I wanted to put the work in in between sessions to get maximum results. Sticking to the plan with traction, exercises and regular corrections over 17 months, my spine is stronger and more stable than it has ever been, achieving near perfect vertical alignment and my pelvis has equally improved horizontally. I can walk taller, further and longer. Andrew is exceptional in his approach and I’ll be forever grateful. Apparently this structural change is for keeps with a little maintenance; a small price to pay and a delight working with such a lovely chap.
Simone Passi
Simone Passi
28. October, 2021.
I have been going to Back to Health for years and the chiropractic treatment has made such a difference to my posture and back pain. Andrew really knows what he’s doing and always available to help with any problem. Friendly and professional service, highly recommended.
Misha Kethero
Misha Kethero
25. October, 2021.
It's been a totally amazing journey with Andrew, to improve my spine, with a professional approach and advice. The treatments, exercises proved to give me freedom of movement and changing habits for the better.
Saif Patel
Saif Patel
15. June, 2021.
Been with Back to Health for about 2 years or so and always been treated by Andrew. Service is brilliant, always very helpful and come away from every session feeling a lot better than when I'd come in. Due to the excellent treatment from Andrew, there have been noticeable improvements in my movement! Have been to other chiros previously and the combination of muscle work and chiro adjustments really made me feel this is the best place I've been to.


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