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An Osteopath Near You

By Andrew Siyabalawatte, posted March 2021

Discover Quality Osteopathy Near You for Effective Back pain Relief

Dr. Andrew Taylor Still founded osteopathy in the 1800s. An Innovator of medical methods and its application to assisting the body’s natural ability to heal with back pain.

An image of a person receiving a spinal assessment from a qualified osteopath in a calming clinic environment, highlighting the thorough examination and personalized approach to back pain relief offered by osteopathy.

Thus, the link between Medicine and Osteopathy are closer than one would think. A ‘whole body healthcare’, it focuses on using active and passive movement of tissues, bone and muscle, to enhance blood flow.

So what is the point of Anti-Inflammatory Medication?

A split image showing a bottle of anti-inflammatory pills and a natural scene, symbolizing medication's role in reducing internal inflammation.

These techniques aim to reduce inflammation by redirecting blood away from the area of pain. If used correctly, this type of medication can alleviate pain effectively.

It improves the dynamics of tissue healing by bringing nutrients to the relevant areas of the body, to enhance the healing process. My Opinion, both work well together.

How Can Osteopathy treat Sciatica Effectively?

An illustration depicting an osteopath relieving pressure on the sciatic nerve, highlighting the hands-on approach of osteopathy.

Sciatica symptoms, which commonly involves pain down a leg, often due to some form of pressure on nerves, can be alleviated effectively by osteopathy near me. This is because the treatment incorporates articulation and mobilisation of the structures i.e. the spine and muscles, causing the compression.

However, the real question is, why are there symptoms in the first place?

Osteopathy for Neck and Lower Back Pain

Image showing a person undergoing osteopathic treatment for neck pain, with the practitioner gently manipulating the neck.

It incorporates many different treatment techniques to treat neck and lower back pain. To name but a few, Functional Tissue Release (FTR), a active movement based technique, soft tissue mobilisation, similar to massage therapy and Myofascial Release Technique, aimed at working the body’s movement chains

affected by compensatory mechanical patterns created by improper sitting and sleeping postures, to release tension, alleviate pain and improvement mobility.

Oh, and let us not forget Spinal Manipulation too.

What about Sport Injuries?

A number of Professional Sport Clubs employ Osteopaths, especially in the more recent years as it has emerged as an essential part of the conditioning process, addressing strains and injuries following sporting activity.

A dynamic image of an athlete receiving osteopathic treatment, demonstrating how it aids in recovery from sports injuries.

The body naturally tries to heal following an injury, however where this process is slower than expected or not happening at all, it accelerates the healing process by improving the movement of soft tissue and joints that are injured in the first place thus, aiding the body’s natural capacity to repair.

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