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Scoliosis – Focus on a Back Problem That CAN Be Improved

By Andrew Siyabalawatte, Posted March 2021

To many who have it or know about it, scoliosis, both structural (genetic) and more commonly, functional (acquired), is a common back condition in a huge grey area as to how to manage or treat it.

We often see clients who are told things like, “it cannot be improved” and “you just have to live with it”. To put simply, it is a condition with a view that many see can only get worse with time, and more regrettably, this view is accepted.

I can tell you first hand or hands (quite literally), this is not true.

Firstly, What is Scoliosis?

A scoliosis develops when there is a combination of structural and functional imbalances between the spine and muscles – and everything in between for example the ribcage and connective tissue – i.e. ligaments. Simply, the spine twists and creates curves from side to side.

These imbalances create in some, a visually “curved or unusual” neutral position of the body, which may cause movement limitations that, to the the individual who has it, seem natural although this restriction in movement may also cause discomfort and pain in others.


More commonly, some might say “I notice my ribs sticking out to one side” or “my shoulder has dropped to one side”. This is met with distinct signs like the the hips sticking out on one side, clothes not fitting well or upper, middle and lower back pain.


In most cases, the cause of scoliosis is yet unknown although, there is a strong genetic factor in the formation of scoliosis. From birth, it can be due to bones not forming properly – this is known as congenital scoliosis. We see a lot clients that feel the stresses of their job or even bad posture had caused or contributed to theirs, and they are not wrong. It is common knowledge that the more wear and tear the body undergoes through, as a result of stress and bad posture combined with age, the more likely weaknesses in the spine and muscles can contribute to scoliosis.

How can Scoliosis be Treated?

A scoliosis can be treated either surgically or through a non invasive and safer pathway, correction of the spinal imbalances with tailored stretching and strengthening of the spine and the surrounding tissues. This pathway combined with regular exercise and environmental changes and diet, lifestyle changes will make for a strong and healthy body.

Can Chiropractic and Osteopathy help Scoliosis?

Certainly. We use a combination of both treatments alongside home based exercises to correct posture. Our Treatments are suitable for both children and adults.

Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

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