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Sitting to Live…A Clear Path To a Bad Back.

By Andrew Siyabalawatte, Dec 2021.

Sitting and back pain

Sitting and back pain in the office for long hours.

Prolonged sitting is a significant contributor to lower back pain in both men and women.

Sitting forces muscles to hold the head, neck, shoulders and back, in a fixed position.

This demand forces the blood vessels to work harder, thereby increasing blood pressure.

Is it Better to Sit or Stand at Work?

Sitting and standing for long hours  back pain

Harvard Health suggests that the most significant benefit of standing over sitting is the balanced distribution of weight throughout the body.

Path of blood through the body

The heart pumps blood to the lungs to pick up oxygen, starting the path of blood through the body.

The heart pumps oxygenated blood to the body through arteries, where it exchanges oxygen for carbon dioxide in the tissues.

Is Sitting the Most Common Cause of Lower Back Pain?

Traditional office chairs forces your legs into a 90-degree angle and cut off the blood flow to your feet, this set up causes back pain whilst sitting.

There are many causes of back pain, I would say sitting is the most common predisposition to chronic back.

Considering that a good majority of people in the working world predominantly perform desk-based work, sitting is a significant factor in back pain.

Regarding posture and back pain nowadays on how to combat this.

Advice and Recommendations

Key Points-

In environments where long hours of sitting for work are unavoidable, individuals can incorporate some interventions.

  • Keeping a small distance between the legs, knees dropped below the hips, and pelvis tilted forward
  • correct amendments to computer screen height, to keep back of head and neck resting on shoulders.
sitting and back pain

The benefit of a “saddle chair” is understated as It allows your spine to rest in its natural position.

This distributes weight properly, engaging the core and back for support, easing lower back strain and preventing long-term pain.

My best advice is to stand, stretch, and move regularly- movement is key to staying healthy and energized throughout the day.

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