What is Runner’s Knee? What to do and how to prevent it

By Emma MacDonald, posted March 2021.

Runner’s knee, also known as Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome is an overuse injury that presents as pain at the front of the knee. Although referred to as runner’s knee, it can affect anybody who’s active and participates in sports such as cycling, long distance walking and horse riding.

The pain usually begins during activity and may last several hours, disappearing during periods of rest.

There is no tissue damage to those with runner’s knee; – the tendons and cartilage are not torn, but instead the presenting pain comes from inflammation of the surrounding tissues. Think of this as your body’s way of warning you that you’d better rest before more serious damage occurs!

As an overuse injury, runner’s knee will occur when stress is put upon the joint again and again, without the surrounding tissues having the ability to handle such intensity.

Therefore, correct strengthening exercises of the hip and knee muscles are key to preventing this syndrome from occurring. Focusing particularly on the gluteus medius and maximus (both these muscles are in the bottom and are in the walking/running gait cycle) and the quadricep (thigh muscle) group, maximum support can be given to the knee.

This means that the knee will be better equipped to handle the load you put on it, resulting in less pain, better performance and a happier you!

Our Soft Tissue Specialist, Emma MacDonald is not only skilled at treating individuals with various sporting injury like Runner’s knee, but she is also adept at helping others suffering with muscle pain and mobility limitations.

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