Chiropractic Treatment Prices

Four Step Postural Assessment:

4 visits, 1 fee.


Online offer only.
Normal value £380
Spinal Check Price, Back To Health Wellness, Guildford

Postural massage with Spinal Check

1 hr

Poor posture? We know what you need. The aim of this treatment is to target areas of weak and overactive muscles that are causing compensation. Posture analysis scan identifies areas of structural and functional adaptation to smallest mm and target areas to improve posture pre and post treatment

Deep Tissue Massage Back To Health Wellness, Guildford

Deep Tissue Massage

45 minutes

Simply 45mins of Effective Massage. Superficial/Deep/Sports based on your requirements. Expert advice on hand if required on most suitable treatment to be carried out based on your presentation


40 minutes
Physiotherapy, Back To health Wellness, Guildford


40 minutes

Shockwave therapy

£45 per session
£80 for 2 sessions
£100 for 3 sessions

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