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The Best Pillow For Neck Pain In The UK

This pillow for neck pain, is quite possibly better than it’s competition…for back pain too.

by Andrew Siyabalawatte, July 2022.

Getting Into The Groove

Quite aptly named, The Original Groove® Pillow, formerly EasySleeper, was designed by those with neck pain to combat one or two of the most common predispositions to neck pain and back pain in the UK, if not the world….Posture and Sleep.

The Original Groove® Pillow, formerly known as the EasySleeper.
Awarded The Best Pillow for Neck and Back Pain in the UK in 2021 and 2022.

Do not get me wrong, sleep itself is not the cause. It is most likely to be the posture we adopt with the pillow and mattress that carry our body shape and weight, for several hours while we are sleeping. Misalignments caused by the unnatural position of the neck and back will contribute to neck and back pain we wake up with during the night, or as we go to rise the morning (read our article on on the best positions to sleep and manage neck and back pain by clicking here).

I must add, everyday factors like the type of jobs/professions we have (like sitting at a desk for hours), alongside the various activities our body has to engage in daily for our sake, have a massive impact on the state our neck and back is in when we finally hit the sack.

Therefore, whilst changing our job/profession is not easy, adapting our environment to suit our body, maybe easier. This is why the Original Groove® Pillow may just be the answer we have been looking for.

Foam That Has A Memory Like a Muscle

Like a distant memory, memory foam technology has been around for a while. It is designed to contour to your body’s shape for support and pressure release. This is where this pillow excels…

As the image below clearly shows, the Original Groove® Pillow is brilliant at absorbing the weight of the head and supporting the neck and shoulders. It achieves this by keeping its shape, especially during longer hours, unlike conventional pillows, reducing deformation.

This results in a good nights sleep that is not only less arduous on the mechanics of the spine as it maintains your body’s ideal alignment, it is less likely to result in neck or back pain.

The Groove® memory foam pillow eliminates neck and upper back pain and stiffness by correcting your sleeping posture while you sleep

Pro and not much of a Con

Depending on the individual, it does take a few days or maybe even longer for the body to adapt to it. It took 3 days for me to feel comfortable with it. I believe my profession had a lot to do with my body’s adaptation time.

As an Osteopath, I am constantly looking down whilst I am treating, which obviously has a short and long term impact on my posture and therefore, my soft tissue memory.

This pillow is designed to help return the neck to it’s ‘natural’ curve, therefore the soft and connective tissue of the spine i.e. the ligaments and muscles of the neck and back, have to change memory to adapt to it. Like anything, this takes time, after all mine did. My wife on the other hand, took to it like a duck to water.

Everyone is different, though as long as we give our body the correct care and attention it deserves, it will no doubt look after us. Dear readers, I recommend the Original Groove® Pillow is a good place to start doing just that.

Since using this pillow, we have not looked back. I take it, the 100k+ users that have voted it the ‘best pillow for neck pain in 2022’, have also not looked back. I sincerely believe that for just £29.95, you too will not look back.

If you wish to learn more or even purchase the Original Groove® Pillow get a further 10% off for you and your family by clicking here.

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